Car Covers

Buying a car cover

Car covers are not just for owners of collector cars. Every car should be taken care of and doing so will save you money and preserve the value of your investment. With such a wide and fantastic range of car covers available today such as those found on Car Auto Covers, it can be hard to know where to start when deciding which car cover to buy. Car Auto Covers makes that easy for you with their simple search function and presenting you with car covers for your specific car model. The quality of the car cover you choose is acutely important because a low-quality car cover can actually cause damage to your car instead of protecting it as all car covers should.

Car covers usually come in three types; custom, semi-custom, and universal ready-fit. Universal ready-fit may sound like the best option at a glance but when pioneers such as Car Auto Covers make it so easy for you to search for car covers specific to your needs, why not have a custom-made car cover. To search for your car cover you will need:

  •  Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim

Think about what you need to protect your vehicle from and where your vehicle will usually be located to determine the specific needs of your car cover. Parking in a sunny spot every day? Look for a car cover with UV protection or a reflective surface and breathable material. Does it rain every week where you live? Look for a car cover with a breathable material that will dry quickly or that has waterproof features. Work out your budget and then be amazed by the price you find on Car Auto Covers, the website where you will always get the best price on car covers. Use the live chat feature to ask any additional questions about car covers and rest easy knowing soon your car will have the best protection possible.


Quality is such a monumental factor in the purchase of a car cover because of the different levels of protection that will come with varying levels of quality. Low-quality car covers simply do not perform their functions properly. Instead of protecting your vehicle from the elements, they can be an ill fit and trap dust or dirt in between the car cover and the vehicle, which then rubs against the paint and can cause damage to the finish. Car covers that don’t fit risk blowing off in the wind or getting stuck in a tire or other object in garages. Avoid issues like this by buying a car cover that is made for your kind of car or look for a custom-made car cover, both of which can offer a range of extra features and accessories. Car Auto Covers often gifts accessories such as car cover storage bags and antenna patches as well as warranties, with purchase.

One task often forgotten by car owners is cleaning our vehicles; however, this is not something you will see often in a car cover owner. Every veteran car cover owner is familiar with the need to only use car covers when the vehicle is clean. Dirt on vehicles will inevitably cause scuffs and damage to the finish and the use of a car cover on a dirty vehicle is sure to exacerbate the situation. A lightweight car cover with waterproof qualities will dry quickly and can be put on a wet vehicle but remember that rain contains dirt and the car will still need cleaning.

Getting a car cover that dries quickly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice protection either. Fabric choice is pertinent to your car cover providing a sufficient level of protection, especially if needed against tougher hazards like children’s bicycles and falling tree branches. Choose from a huge variety of fabric types and features that will suit your vehicle indoors, outdoors, or for extended periods of time. Pamper your car with a soft interior to your car cover to caress your finish into perfection. Most car cover fabrics are treated to survive the acidity of hazards like bird poo and withstand conditions that could cause the build-up and production of mold or mildew, in turn causing your car cover to rot.